5 Common Resume Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Job hunting can be a tedious task. Whether you have just started your career or looking for a job change, it is very important to keep your resume calm and polished and it must appeal to the interviewer in just one look. To achieve this, here is a list of 5 mistakes that you should always avoid to get the best results.

Resume MistakesToo Long Resumes

Recruiters spend their whole day reading CVs, so they cannot take out 30 minutes to spend on each resume. If your resume is way too long then it will just discourage them and they might not read it till the end. So, make sure to deliver all the important information quite concisely. Bullet points are certainly the best way to get the desired results. Form short sentences and talk straight to the point. Consider not going into the details and never write over three pages.

Too Long Resumes

Mentioning Too Many Skills

If you mention too many skills and knowledge in the expertise section then there is a chance that the recruiter won’t remember any of it and the important matter will be lost in just few seconds. So, try and tailor your resume in such a way that it gives out only the most relevant skills for the position.

Too Many Skills resume

Not Targeting Your Resume

Your CV must be adjusted in such a manner that it perfectly applies for the position that you are applying for. You need to show the interviewer how perfect you are for the job role. You necessarily need not mention all your previous work experiences; just make sure to include the ones that match the requirement.

Targeting Your Resume

No Clear Analysis of Previous Work

A good resume holds all the details and also the results that are obtained from your previous experiences. The interviewer doesn’t just want to know what you did, but he/she will also be keen on knowing what you achieved. This will display your competence and goal reaching abilities.

Previous Work resume

Spelling and Grammatical Errors

Such errors never make good impressions. Always ask your friends to read out your resume just to ensure that there aren’t any mistakes. Make at least two people to go through it in detail. With this common practice, the most common grammatical errors can be avoided. If you fail to write your CV in your native language, consider seeking the help of a native speaker before sending it out to recruiters and interviewers.

Grammatical Errors resume

These are some of the mistakes to be avoided while crafting your resume. You can also take help from an Executive Resume Writing Service to get your resume done in the right way. There are plenty of other errors too that could easily kill your job, but the above mentioned mistakes are the most common. So, avoid them and craft your resume in such a way that it stands out from the crowd and at the same time appeals to the recruiter.

Author Bio – Paula Asinof is a famous blogger who manages various education blogs. He loves to help the youth in their educational field through his writings.